Top posts for September 2010

The following articles generated the most traffic in September. These are all articles that I wrote for the Electric Cloud Blog, because (for now!) those articles get more views than those on

  1. Makefile performance: $(shell): 28% of page views
  2. A second look at SCons performance: 18% of page views
  3. The last word on SCons performance: 13% of page views
  4. What’s new in GNU make 3.82: 7% of page views
  5. How scalable is SCons?: 6% of page views

The popularity of the $(shell) article is a bit surprising — it’s just one of several articles about makefile performance, after all, and none of the others show up on this list. Also, it’s a really old article (from March 2009). What’s going on there? Look at the search queries that bring people to that post:

  1. makefile shell
  2. makefile shell command
  3. make shell
  4. shell command in makefile
  5. makefile $(shell

Conspicuously absent from these queries: any mention of performance. I think people are just looking for help understanding how gmake and the shell fit together in general, rather than specifically how to get the best performance. Maybe I should write a tutorial — the definitive guide to gmake and the shell?

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