Top posts for November 2010

The following articles generated the most traffic in November. Still mostly articles that I wrote for the Electric Cloud Blog, but the number one entry is actually from, and I think there would have been another, except that I only published the article on November 30:

  1. Shell commands in GNU make: 38% of page views
  2. Makefile performance: $(shell): 19% of page views
  3. A second look at SCons performance: 6% of page views
  4. What’s new in GNU make 3.82: 6% of page views
  5. The last word on SCons performance: 4% of page views

What’s most interesting to me this month is the search performance of Shell commands in GNU make. I wrote that article specifically because I see a lot of search traffic from queries like “makefile shell”, “shell command in makefile” and other variants of that theme. To my disappointment, all of those searches still bring people to Makefile performance: $(shell), rather than to the new article. Not sure what I did wrong there. Perhaps it was the inclusion of the word “GNU” in my new article? Anybody with more SEO experience care to comment?

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